Warranty Information

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Bad und Küche P/L provide the following warrant for all products purchased and installed in Australia. For each claim, please retain your proof of purchase to authorized store or Bad und Kuche P/L.


Warranty Period: Residential, applicable to original purchaser.

Category Warranty Period – Residential
Accessories 15 Years replacement product.
Tapware 15 Years Cartridge. 15 Years replacement product and parts. 2 years labour.
Shower Rails 15 Years Cartridge. 15 Years replacement product and parts. 1 years labour.
Show Heads & Arms Lifetime replacement products and parts. ABS Shower Heads 5 years.
Sinks & Laundry Tubs 15 Years replacement product and parts
Bottle Traps 15 Years replacement product and parts
Pop-up Wastes 15 Years replacement product and parts
Floor Wastes 5 Years replacement product and parts
Shower Screens 5 Years replacement product and parts. Excluding Glass.
WÄHLEN 10 (TRADE) 5 Years Cartridge. 5 Years replacement product and parts. 1 Year labour.

Note: The warranty of Non-Chrome finish products is 2 years from the date of purchase by the original purchaser.

Warranty Statement (Tapware, Mixers, and Shower Range)

  1. If during the applicable warranty period set out in the tables about (Warranty Periods), product has a material defect which arose in the course of manufacture then, subject to warranty conditions below being met, you may submit a warranty claim to Bad und Kuche P/L by email: services@badundkuche.comor calling us on (02) 8740 9354. Bad und Kuche P/L may require you to return the Goods, and you must pay the expenses for such return for purpose of inspection, if the product is found faulty then the cost of the freight will be reimbursed.
  2. Bad und Kuche P/L will either repair or replace (Bad und Kuche’s option) the products at no cost to the purchaser.
  3. This warranty is applicable only on products purchased and installed in Australia
  4. Bad und Kuche P/L products come with warranty that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to have replacement for a major failure. You are also entitled to have the products repaired or replaced if the Goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
  5. Should any warranty claim be made and attended to by a Bad und Kuche P/L or authorized Service Agent and that in the opinion of the Service agent or Bad und Kuche P/L, the problem was from a faulty installation or use of the products in conjunction with products of another manufacturer or from some other cause other then an manufacturing defect of the products, Bad und Kuche P/L reserves the right to charge a service fee for each service staff attending the premise where products have been installed.
  6. With any products loss claim, BUK AUST PTY LTD will not be liable for any loss or damage to furniture, floor coverings, walls, fixtures or any consequential damage or costs of any kind caused by any defect in the product or components.

Warranty Conditions

Bad und Kuche warranty set out in the Warrant Statement about is subject to the following conditions, and accordingly shall not apply if:

  1. The Product was not new as the date of purchase or proof of purchase details (such as invoice, receipts or transaction record) are not provided.
  2. There is a failure to follow product’s installation instructions, evidence cannot be provided, that the product was installed by a licensed plumber or the product is used other than in accordance with Bad und Kuche’s specifications.
  3. Repair works have not received authorisation from Bad und Kuche to proceed with work.
  4. According to the Australian Standards or regulations, the Australian Standards (AS/NS 3500.1 Plumbing and Drainage Part 1: Water services) which specify that water pressure must be limited to 500kpa on any new home, extension or renovation. The recommended continuous operating pressure for tapware is between 150-500kpa (Maximum static pressure must not exceed 500kpa)
  5. Harsh detergents or abrasive cleaners are used on any finishes of the product.
  6. The product is not installed in accordance with the relevant Australia Standards and Plumbing Codes.
  7. The Product has been tampered with or repaired in any way.
  8. The product has been damaged by misuse, accident or neglect.
  9. The product has discoloration, corrosion or rusting form other environment factors.
  10. Cartridge must place in off position before water pressure test.